All Hash-left-file downloads corrupted?

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All Hash-left-file downloads corrupted?

Postby tibit » Wed 28. Oct 2015, 03:16

All Hash downloads corrupted?

Since yesterday, the HOLM tool doesn't want to sync anymore. So I tried to manually download ...
When I manually try to download the Hashes-left-files, my decompressor (rar, pkzip, 7zip) can't handle any download. They all say that the compressed files are unreparable damaged.

Can you take a look at this?

thank you


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Re: All Hash-left-file downloads corrupted?

Postby s3in!c » Wed 28. Oct 2015, 07:21

The same bug causing HOLM not working was the reason for failing of the downloads.
Also fixed now.

Sorry ;)

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