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Hashes.org Usage

Postby s3in!c » Fri 25. Sep 2015, 10:09

There are some important things to know about Hashes.org:
  1. Hashes.org is able to handle non-salted hashes, so please DON'T submit any salted hashes!
  2. If you upload founds, submit only the plains in the file and no hashes. Also submit only one file with one algorithm as you have to specify this on
  3. Read https://hashes.org/algorithms.php to understand how a hash algorithm is defined and which algorithms Hashes.org is able to handle.
  4. If you search for a hash and you get a special result which looks like this:

    Code: Select all

    7bcab8aa020323b0904fbeaa5bb79eee:MD5SALT 7bcab8aa020323b0904fbeaa5bb79eee:PiSFQT7Z:holly99
    This means that the hash is a special hash which Hashes.org can not handle generally, for example a salted hash.

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