Life saving hash breaking

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Life saving hash breaking

Postby Rurphev » Mon 3. Dec 2018, 12:06

Trying to make a long story short, big pharma screws sick people, by forcing them either to die of treatable diseases, or making them go bankrupt buying expensive medicine to keep alive. Little guy tries to upset the status quo, by using some startup revolutionary software to find safe, cheap new chemical pathways and teaching people how to jury-rig a lab and make their own medicine at home on the cheap-cheap, sidestepping big pharma completely. How does big pharma react to the threat to its business-death-model? It just reaches into its bottomless pockets and buy said startup, shutting out little guy from the software and the data he needs to do life-saving research. So little guy jury-rigged his own software to keep working, but still lacks the data necessary to work.

In a twist of fate, three anonymous whistleblowers published said data to the dark web, but there's a catch! The data is in a password protected Tar/Zip file. Currently there's a lone guy on twitter banzai-charging against the hash, by means of a spreadsheet, no success up to now.

If somebody here wants to know more, there's a link for a video where the little guy explains his research. The video seems to be incomplete, but he speaks about the leaked data between 6:00 and 10:05. Motherboard article.

Older video, but complete:

Most time I feel the world is reduced to a big dumpster fire of a place, but sometimes people like this Laufer guy raise to give me some hope.

Ran the file through zip2john -c, got this:


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