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[Ask/Help] Sha1 and Hash help
Can someone help me with this hash: d45d01d48126a6049c78ff1c1190ffd027903d23 and salt: 3acd3a803a220ce0b4a511a143eb62bd3301f68e

From doing some research I found some people mention the algorithm is sha1('--'.$salt.'--'.$pass.'--')
and in hashcat I would need to convert hashConfusedsalt format to hash:--salt-- and run with $-$- rule. Hashcat mode is -m 120. 

I can't seem to get it to work so curious if anyone can help or take a crack at it themselves and then help me understand what I was doing wrong? 

Hope that is enough info. Thanks!
If you're dealing with sha1DASH in hashcat you should be able to just edit your hashfile like so:


then create a simple rule file containing the rule you mentioned ($-$-) which will append -- to the end of the passwords you generate, call it something like dash.rule. Then you should be able to run hashcat something like this:

./hashcat -m120 /path/to/hashfile -a0 /path/to/dictionary -r /path/to/dash.rule

You should be able to run other rules in conjunction with it, just make sure that the dash.rule is the last rule in your command so its applied after other rules.

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