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Known founds in leaked lists are missing in founds_all

in leaked list v0d4f0n3, there are 283 found passwords (file 1366_found_sorted.txt).
All of them end in s+(_a*.

If i grep for 's+(_a*' in found_all list, i only get 62 hits.

Where have the missing founds gone to?

Hi hashy

As these plains technically not are 'good' passords because of the salt, some of them are marked as junk and therefore contained in the junk list and not in the found list.

Is there some definition of junk?
When do you consider a found password to be junk?

i would prefer to leave out the trailing "salt" in the founds of leak v0d4f0n3.
Technically the appendix is a fixed constant salt used during hash derivation.
In my opinion a password is the thing a user enters.
Unfortunately then the passwords do not simply produce the md5 hash anymore.

Background: I use the founds file for getting ideas about password building.

You cannot exactly say always what is junk and what not.

There are a lot of things like binary plains, file paths, etc. which are surely junk because they are not genuine passwords.

Here on junk means something like non-genuine-passwords and there are people working on finding such plains by regex or other methods to filter them out to get a clean found.txt list which contains as much as possible real good passwords. By this definition random passwords also are considered as junk.

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