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Does anyone use rainbow tables anymore?
Do you rainbow?

I know it takes a heck of a lot of time to generate decent tables with a very high probability of cracking all the things, and only decent for unsalted hashes, but they can be useful if you can wait a little while.

When hashcat can't try the entire keyspace with a brute-force, because perhaps you don't have enough GPUs for it, or are renting one in the cloud and it's expensive to keep running, maybe rainbow tables have a use-case today for those unsalted hashes.

It could be useful to eventually get all the unfound hashes that are not salted and don't have an iteration count. If there are reasonable assumptions that are correct most of the time. For instance, the charset to use in generating plaintexts and the length of the plaintexts, e.g. just upper, lower, digits, and lengths 8 to 15 for the uncracked pwd.

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