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Kickstarter dump
I don't see Kickstarter dump here when I try to search for it in leaks.

Is everyone ignoring this, are the creds stuffed in a larger dump and it doesn't matter, or let's upload this as an individual leak/project and start cracking?

Just wondering. Thanks.
The problem with the kickstarter leak is, that we currently do not know which algorithm exactly was used for the hashes.

What most probably is known is that it's some sort of sha1 with multiple rounds (stated by some people). But afaik no one was able to crack one of the hashes. If you know the algorithm, let us know, if I can confirm it, I would be glad to add it to the leaks list.
Oh yes. I get it now. I came across the same problem with the Bitly dump.

Appeared to be MD5, with some bcrypt thrown in, or sha1 thrown in, or whatever it was. The only md5 in the entire dump was literally md5('twitter') which was some guy's email account address. That was amusing.
Exactly, with the bitly leak it was the same problem. The algorithm also is unknown yet.

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