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I had to fix up the haskbase list
The hackbase list of hashes that were not yet cracked had some issues, with invalid tokens and missing separator for those with no salts.

I fixed them up and got a few hashes. Only got 17 of them with vBulletin < v3.8.5, hashcat mode 2611 once they were fixed up.

If there's no salt, add the colon. For some reason the hashes sometimes had ' on the end before the colon, which gave it an invalid token length. Once they were removed, and colons added for those without salts, there were no issues with invalid formatting.

Fixed hackbase list on request.
Messed up salts for some hashes is really an issue on larger lists. People are just not able to parse a dump correctly.

But even if a salt is wrong in a hashlist, if you recovered the correct salt and plain, it is still possible for to handle this. When you upload a found with the correct salt, this one will replace the one it had before (which was messed up).

Just to be sure, I'm not sure if this post is just a statement or if you had a specific question regarding this topic.
I guessed as much, that it can be difficult to parse some dumps, or programs/scripts for this are a little buggy in edge cases.

Thanks for the clarification. That was just a statement actually, I didn't have enough information for a question other than a few guesses about what might have gone wrong. I incorrectly assumed the left hashes were in a good/correct format ready to go, so thank you for the reply. Still good to upload then, when recovered. That will replace the previously messed up format. Coolio.

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