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MDXFind uploading founds
I am getting a lot of finds using MDXfind vs the 32hex left list but do not understand how to upload them to the site.

Any advice is appreciated.


There is no general approach so far, I didn't had time to complete my MDXfind to conversion script.
After you run your founds through mdsplit you have one file per algorithm which is good, as you have to upload separately anyway as only one algorithm per upload is accepted on

So for every found file you need to convert the algorithm into format. There are even some algorithms from MDXfind where this is not easily possible. There is no general way, but in the most cases it's pretty similar, if you haven't take a look at the algorithms page so far, I recommend to read through it, to understand how the algorithm works:

If you're not sure about the conversion for an algorithm, feel free to ask here.
Hello, I don't understand how to use mdxfile can someone explain to me please ?

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