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Urgent - Need help to decrypt iTunes backup
Hi everyone

I am pretty new to this but somehow iTunes created an encrypted backup with a new password. Usually it would use the password used for the previous backups which is not the case. I have tried 2 softwares to brute force it already but it is taking too long ( 1 week + already).

I am in desperately need of help, I have got 10 years worth of pictures on that backup and in the meantime I broke my iPhone which got reset by these Apple Geniuses.

I will take all the help that I can get. I have a modest sum of <B><s></s>50$ in btc as a reward <e></e></B>( not sure that I can do this here) for a kind soul that will agree to help.

Thanks a lot!
Hello, I don't know if your problem has been solved. I have seen a good way to help you to decrypt iTunes backup.
good luck.

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