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Habbo Leak - pepper (salt) issue

The Habbo leak has some problems with correctly annotating the hash corpus with its' fixed pepper (xCg532%@%gdvf^5DGaa6&*rFTfg^FD4$OIFThrR_gh(ugf*/)

I locally cleaned up the remaining list and cracked some percentage of remaining hashes - however these wont validate because the platform has a messy copy.

In addition - a number of 'plains' end up including this salt, which pollutes the found lists.

To see the problem for yourself, grep thru the 'founds';
grep -a  'xCg532' combofound.txt
Sorry about a possible misunderstanding, I didn't update the algorithm description of the Habbo leak. I corrected it now, it's MD5(PLAINSALT) with the pepper as salt.
When uploading the plains you need always to make sure that the algorithm will produce the correct hash when applied to the plain and salt. That's why it didn't validate when you uploaded it as MD5.
About the incomplete copy, basically does not care if the salt which is saved is correct or not. It tries to reproduce the hash with the uploaded salt/plain and if these are correct they will replace the old salt information of the hash.
Cool! Thanks s3in!c.

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