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Problem with NTLM verification?
or maybe it's just me.

When I submit hashes for verification on i'm getting a lot of failed ones. It doesn't matter if i use hex or not. Is this an issue or am I submitting them incorrectly?

Algorithm is NTLM

Fails - b6d35444e1b16e532d8c892974ebcc48:9703изя4555
Passes - 4f227eac9fffa1803a659b7509bc6758:r97120N486
Fails - 5fe262751aa6f43dfc335ebc7b245e89:972673ек
Fails - c61a5d802a64e26d78c57069870b4389:972345459лев
Fails - 110e3110e986dfe8367db59df9835c2c:9731597315ммм
Fails - 69a303b16c5de3920af8219b1dbc2a8f:9736959блеск
Fails - ae8e7cb1f334e63fbc5d3da64a47dbe8:9718181мс
Fails - b7bbc32bd6b1c9ca909cd266b47a4ca8:971в460й0296
Fails - 08f843eb63d47d9da5a692f6203b9b99:97222дом72
Fails - ce47d189c0f5fe4af6e32b3d95d7bbbf:9733972дз
These NTLM hashes may originate from the HIBP dataset. Troy Hunt processed non-ASCII plains incorrect in terms of encoding before hashing, therefore the hashes themselves are technically not valid NTLM hashes and cannot be validated as such. Also hashcat can be the reason as its optimization for UTF16LE encoding does not really encode it correctly, but just inserts a null extra byte in between. So, everything above ASCII (or depending on the encoding high-ASCII) is not encoded properly as well.

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