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"salted hashes" separate upload please????
Hi all, asks you to upload the hashes without salts ... but this is wrong!!! when it comes to 'salted hashes'.

It will only handle salted hashes if you do upload in the hash : salt format

I see loads of vbuletin, IPB and Joomla, all lacking there salts and therefore unsolvable!

So my wish for 2017:

People please do upload the salts when the hashes are salted hash!!! (hash : salt)
Seinic, please make a separate upload item where people can upload there salted hashes

I really hope this can be done in 2017!!

Thanks a lot and wish you all a happy 2017

Happy New Year to you too!

I'm working on some ideas for a new, I'm trying to make it possible to better sort out bad hashes and improve the handling of such hashes. But still a lot of work to do and I'm also trying to get a new Hashtopussy version working soon.
I just need time to complete all the tasks, but I didn't forget about that some things are a problem Wink

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