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suggestion for left list

I have suggestion i really hope it can be done on!,

As the left is big, why not add a left list which updated weekly, only left which submitted through the week.
It will make us recover even more, cause running attacks on smaller list is more effective than the big one.
This also will make more people contribute on recovering hashes, cause more possible, as you know many have low budget PC specs.

I understand and it can be a pain to drag all the old hashes (older than ...) just to do a same bruteforce for example on the new ones.
If you just want a weekly update of the new stuff ... you'll have to separate them yourself in different HEX-length or algo. That will be hard to to with all those different algo's. If you want a new list for every different algo, I think that's a lot wasted work, since you can do this easily yourself.

How??? Hashcat-tools.

Take your old list with a certain Hex-length, download the new list for the same Hex-length. And compare them taking out only the new hashes.
first sort both files to a sorted file (I call them file 1 and file 2). Don't use rli (file too big) ... use rli2!
example code:

sort new32 > 1 & old32 > 2  & rli2.exe 1 2 > newhashes

advantage :
-you have the newest hashes since your last download.
-You can do this whenever you wan't and don't have to wait for a week
-You can choose your Hexlength at a chosen moment, whenever you're planning an attack upon them

Note : The initial reason to not separate every uploaded file is that we often start an attack and then, don't bother anymore. Keeping the hashes together will increase the chance that also older hashes eventually get solved. And this is exactly what makes different from other high quality cracking sites. I fully support this vision. (And with good result ... looking at ... you'll see the in the top ratings Wink )

Friendly regards,

Thanks alot tibit, your suggestion is very genius, by this method we could get newer hash daily. Never thinked about it lol.
Now it's possible for me to do some work at least for new hashes.

I completly agree the best cracking service out there, But could be alot better, Today few people like you contribute to the service which have patience, some don't, If weekly hash exist, then they will have an option to take the easy and fast way to recover hashes. That way many people will start contribute to the service, Today they see the file size and amount of hashes too big. They pass, And of course high rated crackers as you and me, will not forget about old hashes.


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