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Request for found format when finding cropped hashes?
Cropped hashes can result in the same passwords depending on where the hash was cut of.
Is it possible to give a reflection in the found list.
example :
=>The password "djkjnmrj" can results in

WRLx01 8a2d2cb87b2327b1ac506b2e984fde0b:djkjnmrj
WRLx01 28efd832c8f6fc2863d3f5c2d2e32a65:djkjnmrj
WRLx01 92339fcdc00926356df0b06b42986a06:djkjnmrj
WRLx01 d8cffae40bbf79bd7413c0e800826f17:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d0:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj

=>Is it possible to have get output like (or something similar):
cut0-32WRLx01 8a2d2cb87b2327b1ac506b2e984fde0b:djkjnmrj
cut32-32WRLx01 28efd832c8f6fc2863d3f5c2d2e32a65:djkjnmrj
cut64-32WRLx01 92339fcdc00926356df0b06b42986a06:djkjnmrj
cut96-32WRLx01 d8cffae40bbf79bd7413c0e800826f17:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj
cut0-32SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d0:djkjnmrj
cut8-32SHAx01 d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj

Now that also supports cropped hashes, but wants us to define the correct algo, it becomes really hard to extract the password with the correct algo when posting without visually checking the each hash. Somewhat timeconsuming when mdxfind found several thousands results.

If the above is not possible, an alternative could be a possibility to refine the search. Instead of looking for "^sha1$", resulting in normal and several cropped, it would be nice to look for something as "^cut0-32sha1$" or "^sha1(0,32)$" .... or ...or ..or

Thank you for any reply

Hi tibit

At the moment please use this page:
There you can enter an MDXfind output like you provided in the example and you will get an output separated into every special algorithms and with it's founds.

Unfortunately you still have to upload them manually as founds on the Crackers Area. But this will change in the future, so that you just can put in the MDXfind output and submit it directly after conversion.

Important: The founds classified as OTHER are currently not supported by, please post these founds here on the forum or submit them to me and I will process them separately.

PS: If I already explained it to you by email, just the response here for other people to understand Wink
Thanks a lot guyz!!

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