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MDXFIND optimal threads (and what is the w= output)

I am trying to find the best thread option for mdxfind.

I am running mdxfind on a new Threadripper 3960x (24 Core / 48 Threads)

I immediately tired -t 48  Big Grin  but found strange results:

Threads Time     w?????

-t 10     10:11     w=310
-t 16     08:52     w=495
-t 20     08:06     w=620     <<< 20 Threads are the fastest 
-t 24     08:37     w=744
-t 32     17:52     w=0
-t 48     30min+  w=0

Two questions:
1. Is there an optimal thread option for a given number of CPU Cores/Threads?
2. What does the w= in the output signify? -t 20 was faster than -t 24, but -t 24 had a higher w= number....

Working on File.txt, w=744, line 131138, Found=0

"w" refers to the workload. Because you are seeing "w=0" means that mdxfind has run out of work to assign to the new cores.

This usually means you are using a simple hash (like md5), and just don't have enough work. But I have found strange results on threadripper before.

Try using a salted hash with more / less threads, and let me know.

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