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Unsupported Founds
Marked as "Other" with MDXfind converter so posting here.

2820 MD5SHA1SHA1MD5x02
766 SHA1-1xSHA1psubpx01
MD5SHA1SHA1MD5x02 should normally be accepted as algorithm string. The strange thing is that the resulted hashes are not the same. Do you have an idea why?

SHA1-1xSHA1psubpx01 do you know how this algorithm is exactly working?
1.for the first algo x2 at the end refers to the first md5 in line

so instead of :MD5SHA1SHA1MD5x02
you should read it as :
it's perfectly uploadable on like this

If mdxfind gives you x2 or x3 or x4 ... at the end of a line with continuous consecutive algo's the multiplier allways refers to the first algo in line.
abcx3 becomes aaabc
abcbcx2 becomes aabcbc

2.For the second one you can read it as a salted sha1hash with the first 3 cars of the pass used as salt

so instead of :SHA1-1xSHA1psubp
you should read it as
sha1(sha1(pass)salt) where the salt is the first 3 letters of the pass
These are not uploadable in plain pass.
These are only uploadable as a new derived hashsalt

example : plain "klmnopq"
will become ... sha1(e13633fa731cc05d642ccf1e38a657c87ed0d711klm) ... c6b2cdb9ce7697ace07b66a98dc40dc55057f4fb
Thanks a lot for this explanation, I tried it with MD5SHA1SHA1MD5MD5 and MD5SHA1SHA1MD5MD5SHA1SHA1MD5 as I thought perhaps the x2 is for the whole string. But I didn't had the idea to check it that way.
That's interesting, thanks for the explanation tibit.
You should know I’ve uploaded them now as MD5MD5SHA1SHA1MD5PLAIN
It seems that it worked then Smile

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