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Regarding Unknown salt-left-list
I was wondering under wich algo we can post founds from the "unknown salt left list".
There is a mixture of salted algo's, but there is no way to upload with correct algo, because it is collected in a separate file???

Thank you

The hashes which get into this list are there because they were uploaded with hash lists where users don't provide their algorithm on upload. So there are all types of the supported hash algorithms present. That doesn't mean they can't be uploaded as founds.
Just submit them normally with the salt found upload and select the correct algorithm there. If the found is correct with this algorithm, this information just will be saved. Just make sure that you just always upload one type of hash at once and separate it for the different algorithms (like with the unsalted hashes). If there is a problem with this upload, please tell me..
As additional information, if you find any hashes which have salts which are wrong formatted (i.e. \\ instead of just one \, or they have some double quotes in there), and for sure there are some.. These normally can't be submit with the upload, please send me such hashes which need to be corrected (doesn't matter if found or not) and I will update the salts for these hashes to the correct ones.
I noticed that the hashes who are having wrong salts (escape chars, or other ...) are not recognised, when uploading after correction.
If would check the upload "hashConfusedalt;pass" against the hash in the left list there would be no problem uploading the results. But I think that is comparing the "uploaded correct string" to the "existing wrong string in the left file".
If it only checked against the left hash ... there would be no problem. And even Hashes that are in the wrong left file by mistake (maybe even not salted lists) could be solved if could check the integrity of the upload to the existing left hashes only. (And there would be no need to embarrass you with requests for correction ... it will be solved as soon the correct one is uploaded)

Hope this make sense.


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