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Using the Found.txt download

I'm sure this might sound like a silly question, but I can't see to work out how to use the found.txt file from the cracked section. It seems to be in a binary format not simple txt as the name would suggest. Am I supposed to use MDXFind? if so how? or some other tool to extract the data?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

So you downloaded the found list and extracted it from 7zip?
Why do you say it is in binary format? There are some plains which are with special characters and other non-ASCII stuff, but it's still a plain text file.
Yes I did simply unzip using 7zip. Now it could be that the text is in a non-English language and the editor I'm using doesn't support that. I'll take a look a that. However, I would like to know if the content is just the plains or do you have the hashes/algo and plain? Ie a bit like what you have in your API - as I'd like to do a lot more than 20 searches per minute Smile. Is that available? From what I could see of the data, it does appear to be just the plains.

The found list just contains all the plains. There are a lot of non-ascii passwords also in there that must be the reason that your editor has some problems. Also sometimes editors have problems to open very large files.
The API is limited to 20 searches per minute because otherwise a lot of people will misuse it and overload the server with so many requests that the server is not able to operate well and fast. As long as there are so many people using this free service a lot without giving anything back (for example cracking, or donating) I don't have the time and especially the money to increase the service much.
Thanks for the info.

I fully understand why you have the 20 search limit, so not really asking that you change that. However, I'd like to still be able to do a similar search. You have the plains for download, I was curious if you'd make the hash/algo/plain a download as well. Then I'd not have to hit your service at all. For the work I'm doing I want to make millions of verifications.


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