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What algo might I use here ... multiplain
Some algo's in the left file are just the result of merging two seperate algos
When the password is not the same, I don't know how to approach.
example from left list:


first part = admin (md5:21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3) -->(propably a salt)
second part = daewoo123 (md5:d3eff222e03b53347d3249e98fd6ec9d)

so the password could be : admindaewoo123

Is it possible to get to recognise these kind
(think not but one never knows :-)
Hmm that's quite difficult. is able to handle algorithms like this: MD5(PLAIN)MD5(PLAIN), but then the plains is the same for each part.

So you're right, when the passwords are the same you can merge these algorithms and upload it normally. With this special case, I think you need to send them to me and I will put them out of the left list by hand.

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