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To get the newest information and progress, please follow the Patreon posts available here: www.patreon.com/scoray.


Some further information about the progress of recovery to be read here.


Update regarding the setup and temp.hashes.org: read post


Update: read post


The website is back in a temporary mode to make the static files available again: https://temp.hashes.org.
More information is given in this post.


Thanks for all the support I got offered from various people. It's not really possible in helping me directly with bringing it up again. But if you are willing to help covering the server costs, also for helping it when it's back online, I started with a patreon page. Also read more on this post.

The process of copying the files off the server is nearly done and then the first goal is to set up the server again and start with bringing the download files back up, to allow downloads of the files at the latest state.


As some of you may have noticed, since begin of June, no new found archives were built. This was due to some issues with the backend database. For an unknown reason some of these files got corrupted and caused various issues.

During the last weeks I spent a significant amount of time to repair these files in order to keep everything running and be able to bring back all functionality. Unfortunately, even while some repairs were successful, they again got corrupted soon after. Further, I cannot keep up spending the same amount of time on this project as I did in the last weeks.

This now leads me to the conclusion that something with the system is broken beyond repair and the easiest solution is to start from scratch. The whole process of newly setting up the server consists of backing up all data first, then re-install everything which is required and finally re-build the backend. Especially the last part (importing all 3B+ entries into the new database) will take a significant amount of time.

I cannot give any estimate on when everything will be back up and running as there are a lot of factors influencing this. It mainly depends on my available time and the speed of re-importing the data. I will post updates here as things progress. Feel free to stay in touch with the community on the Discord server.

- s3in!c