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API re-introduced
I added again the API interface on to do simple hash search requests. You can read here how to use it:

It is not the same API as before, some changes in requests structures were made and the output format is always JSON now.
Looks really nice, but what if you request more then 25 every minute? will it like just give you a forbidden message or will it just ignore til the next minute?
It will give you this reply when you reach the limit:<br/>

Great job s3in!c as usual.

Thx a lot! Wink
Ahh okay, but does the 1 minute counter stop when you keep hitting it with requests? Like I hitted my 25 max but I just keep hitting it til the minute is over, will it still count that minute or will it like start counting down when you stop hitting the api
Currently it is programmed to stop when the limit is reached and it doesn't count if you make requests which give you the limit message.

Theoretically you can just ask further and then when the minute is over it will again give results. But it would be really good, if your script (or whatever you use to ask the API) would recognize when the limit is reached and wait some time to try again then. Best solution would be to requesting 20 hashes, then wait until the minute is completed without any request and then send the next 20 requests.

EDIT: corrected limit per minute from 25 to 20
The usage is limited to 20 requests per minute and there is no guarantee that this speed can be privided at all time.

Why you are talking about 25 hashes/min?
What is real limits here? Smile
I'm sorry, I just used what UberStrike wrote since his first message, but of course the limit is 20 per minute
Well, I was planning on making a program for it and releasing it (with that it is made possible by hashes. Org) just a small python code nothing special Smile. Is that OK with you?</r>
Btw, I just checked, when you put in a invalid hash, then it doesn't count it towards the counter next to your api key, does that mean that you can request like more then 20 hashes per minute if they are all invalid?

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