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Solving Junk Founds
Unfortunately you cannot just re-submit these fixed founds to fix them. Because as soon as a hash is found it gets (obviously) removed from the left list and can then not be matched again on found uploads.

But of course it would be nice to fix this "wrong" founds to have their real plaintext stored instead of only the partially cracked one. If you would like to help cleaning up the junk from these founds, you can send me files with the fixed hashes and I'll internally fix them with a script. Beside the MD5X2 also a lot of partially cracked vBulletin hashes are in the junk as well.

Please note that beside junk2019, all other junk files were not updated since they were generated and therefore they might contain junk entries which were already fixed in the database. You can check in the search field to see how they are saved in the database or after some cleaning I can maybe run a manual re-generation of the old found/junk lists to see which junk is remaining.

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