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Hashes.Org Left Manager (HOLM)
Hello, new to and having some issues with HOLM and looking for any advice you guys may have. The error appears to be with hashcat reading the hashfile. I did notice the final line in the file is blank, I don't believe that matters but it was something i noticed. Any input on this would be greatly apperciated.

C:\<CURRENTDIRECTORY\holm-master\bin\win>holm-alpha_0a72bdf.exe single C:\<CURRENTDIRECTORY\holm-master\bin\win\tasks\6cents1st.ini
HOLM-alpha starting...
LOG: Start single task...
LOG: Processing 40...
QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null):ConfusedtateChanged(QNetworkSession::State) to QNetworkReplyHttpImpl::_q_networkSessionStateChange
LOG: Got 31 identifiers for list 40
LOG: All required identifiers are loaded and/or saved!
LOG: Load all identifiers...
LOG: Loaded 1185 hash entries!
LOG: Added 223 hashes and removed 316 hashes from 40
LOG: Finished 40!
LOG: Finished all list generations!
hashcat (v3.00-1-g67a8d97) starting...

WARNING: Hash ''C:/<CURRENTDIRECTORY/holm-master/bin/win/40_new.txt'': Line-length exception

ERROR: No hashes loaded

LOG: Hashcracking run is finished!

And my task file:

hashcat=C:\<CURRENT DIRECTORY\HASHCAT\hashcat-3.00\hashcat64.exe
call=-a 3 ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d

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