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Script for the new API!
I made this just to check for my left list in hashcat, but it can be used for a lot more Wink It supports files and a single input.
You need to have Python 3.4 or higher installed! (
It's limited to 20 requests per minute so that it can continue without delay.
Here is a copy of the readme file:
For this to work you need to create a account at Click on the users tab and create a account
After that go to the user tab and click on settings You will find a key there (marked in red)
Paste that key in the key file that comes with the program. Make sure that they are no newlines in the file,
Just the key.

To use the file function you need to make a file and put the hashes there, seperated by a newline
Make sure to include .txt when the program asks for the name of the file.
All the found hashes will be saved in the found.txt file.
All the not found hashes will be saved in a file too.

Latest version download link:

Added some speed improvements (does 91 hashes per 5 minutes instead of 82)
Added: Saves the hashes that are not found to a file. (to add to the left list?)
Added: Appends the files. (It doesn't delete the previous hashes in the file, it just keeps writing after closing and re-running the file)
Fixed: Some type errors :(
Download link:
Working program!
download link:

If you have suggestion or if you have found a bug please tell me below Wink

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