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Best way to upload big mdxfind output?
Got around 80k from mdxfind to upload, but the converter page wont take that many in one go.

Whats the best way to do this? is there a tool that does the same as the converter page that I can run locally?

Have you already split them by algorithm with mdsplit?

If no, please do so. And after this, depending on the algorithms you have you can upload them with the correct algorithm string.
Please take a look at the algorithms page if you are unsure how you should write the algorithm.
If you need help with setting the right algorithm, feel free to ask for help here.
Yes, I have already split them with mdsplit and without.

However, they are only split/labeled as SHAx01 and SHAx02 etc. When the output on the website converter gives the full information, i.e. CUT0-32SHA1X3PLAIN

If I upload the above example and only go off the information mdsplit gives (SHAx3) will the upload work correctly?
Ok, so as soon as the original hash is shorter than the hash which the algorithm from mdxfind produces (like the example you give with CUT) the cut must be included as otherwise the hash does not match.

Beside such cutted hashes are there other special founds you need to convert?
Only cut SHA1 and cut SHA1 with iterations so far in this batch.

I have found I can do about 1000 at a time on the site, but I dont really want to copy and paste 70+ times. Ideally just need an app that works the same as your page, but outputs to text files with the algorithm as the filenames.

If such a thing doesnt exist, may have to knock something up.
Currently I don't have anything that could be used directly for this.
When I did this some time ago I had some simple script in PHP doing this for me, but that's not very optimal.

If you create something useful it would be great if you could share it Wink
ok, so I got something working.

I intend to add more variations as I need them. Currently it works for SHA1 hashes that are 32 in length (CUT0-32 or CUT8-32).

Its probably pretty slow, but it works for me.

Edit: updated in post further down.
very cool, thanks for sharing Smile
Fixed the way the output path is generated, to resolve issues on saving to root of a drive or within a folder (worked for one, not for the other. Works for all now)

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