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$HEX - Plains inside founds - hashy - 05-08-2019

Just to mention:

In the junk list there seem to be "plains" like $HEX[313233].
After dehexing them i found, that there are even iterated versions
e.g. $HEX[244845585b...]

RE: $HEX - Plains inside founds - s3in!c - 05-13-2019

The $HEX[] notation is used in the found files if there are non-printable ASCII or invalid encoded plaintexts which would mess up the found file if they would be put in there raw.

The double hexified founds (we called that hexception) are nearly all coming for the Have I Been Pnwed lists where the parsing and handling was made poorly when the hashlists were created. There are also more details available on this blog post: https://blog.cynosureprime.com/2017/08/320-million-hashes-exposed.html