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Hashes.org V2 - s3in!c - 09-25-2015

I would like to introduce the new version of Hashes.org. Here some informations for you about this version, what's new and what changed..

  • There is a new storage system running on the Backend allowing much faster requests and found/hash processing.
  • Like already told a multiple times earlier, there is much more flexibility with algorithms which are defined with a string which gets parsed to define the algorithm for a hash (slightly related to MDXfind).
  • The left list is only generated once a day (From 0:00 to ~2:30 UTC+2), there will be a tool released later which makes it possible to get left lists updates much faster with reduced bandwidth and more up-to-date data. Informations about this will follow as soon as this tool will become available.
  • You now cannot upload a bunch of founds from different algorithms anymore. You must upload always one file just containing one algorithm and give this algorithm as string on upload. This is required because we theoretically can have an infinite number of algorithm combinations and we cannot just check all algorithms and see if it machtes.
  • If you have output from MDXfind, please use the converter page (<outdated>) to convert the MDXfind output to Hashes.org format. I know at the moment it's not the best solution, I will add the possibility to just upload all this directly after converting.
  • As we have this much new algorithms I had to reset all 'Bad Hashes' definitions and just put them again to left list. I already filtered a lot of them out but I still need help from you to identify them all either as salted or other bad hash again or as hash which is now normally addable to Hashes.org.
  • If you have any proposals or you found a bug you can post it on the forum where this also can be discussed or I can explain why it's not possible. All features or bugs which are confirmed will be added as issues to the Hashes.org Redmine project here: <outdated>. Please check there also if a bug or feature is already confirmed before posting in the forum.
  • I also ran some scripts to reduce the amount of hashes which gave another hash as plain, all of the hashes as plains which were recoverable I replaced by the right plain and adapted the algorithm for this hash.