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  Known founds in leaked lists are missing in founds_all
Posted by: hashy - 10-06-2015, 02:28 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (3)


in leaked list v0d4f0n3, there are 283 found passwords (file 1366_found_sorted.txt).
All of them end in s+(_a*.

If i grep for 's+(_a*' in found_all list, i only get 62 hits.

Where have the missing founds gone to?


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  Is API is working?
Posted by: denis - 10-05-2015, 08:46 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (5)


Now API returns "OK" on all my requests.
Is it temporary or no more API here?)

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  found list not sorted and contains duplicates?
Posted by: elackops - 10-05-2015, 07:40 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (1)


Just to let you know that the found list is not sorted and contains some duplicates. The size of the found is bigger than before Confusedhock:

Hope that it will be sorted soon, The new version is very nice, thanks alot for the efford on the site.


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  Hashes.Org Left Manager (HOLM)
Posted by: s3in!c - 10-05-2015, 09:55 AM - Forum: General - Replies (17)

As the left list for Hashes.org is generated only once a day, we introduce a tool called HOLM which connects to Hashes.org via API and gets always the latest hash updates (removing founds, adding new hashes). This will reduce the traffic on the server and the clients and it makes it possible to crack new hashes much faster.

You can follow the project here: <outdated>
Download here (Currently just windows): <outdated>

Just remember this is the first version and written in a very short time, it might happen that it crashes sometimes. I'm very happy if you would tell me about the experience with it and post here or on the project page if you found a bug or have proposals for improvements.

Just a small notice:
It can happen that the tool eats up to 100% of you CPU as it's heavily multithreading and during download of the files and depending on your data connection the load can go up temporarily. During normal synchronisation if you let it running, it won't need much ressources.

When you start the application, you can tick all the lists you want to have synced, after this press 'Start/Stop sync'. Depending on how many lists you selected and how fast your internet is, it takes some time to download the initial lists. After this it will check the lists with the server and start downloading updates. After all updates are downloaded and as Status of the list 'Up to date!' is shown you can generate the actual left list. Press the button 'Generate' and select a path to save to. The application will extract the basic left file, do some merging with updates and there you have the actual left list. For the 32-hex lists you can select if you want to generate all of them or just one of the parts by selecting in the dropdown and press 'Single'.

The application will create a folder 'data' which will need the space for all lists you sync plus some additional space (depending on how long you sync, 5-20MB). When you close the application you won't loose your data. The application starts to synchronise from the last point it stopped and not from the beginning again.

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  Request for found format when finding cropped hashes?
Posted by: tibit - 09-27-2015, 01:26 PM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (1)

Cropped hashes can result in the same passwords depending on where the hash was cut of.
Is it possible to give a reflection in the found list.
example :
=>The password "djkjnmrj" can results in

WRLx01 8a2d2cb87b2327b1ac506b2e984fde0b:djkjnmrj
WRLx01 28efd832c8f6fc2863d3f5c2d2e32a65:djkjnmrj
WRLx01 92339fcdc00926356df0b06b42986a06:djkjnmrj
WRLx01 d8cffae40bbf79bd7413c0e800826f17:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d0:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj

=>Is it possible to have get output like (or something similar):
cut0-32WRLx01 8a2d2cb87b2327b1ac506b2e984fde0b:djkjnmrj
cut32-32WRLx01 28efd832c8f6fc2863d3f5c2d2e32a65:djkjnmrj
cut64-32WRLx01 92339fcdc00926356df0b06b42986a06:djkjnmrj
cut96-32WRLx01 d8cffae40bbf79bd7413c0e800826f17:djkjnmrj
SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj
cut0-32SHAx01 11fc1a20d438abe5c55ea52e647863d0:djkjnmrj
cut8-32SHAx01 d438abe5c55ea52e647863d022a9b66b:djkjnmrj

Now that hashes.org also supports cropped hashes, but wants us to define the correct algo, it becomes really hard to extract the password with the correct algo when posting without visually checking the each hash. Somewhat timeconsuming when mdxfind found several thousands results.

If the above is not possible, an alternative could be a possibility to refine the search. Instead of looking for "^sha1$", resulting in normal and several cropped, it would be nice to look for something as "^cut0-32sha1$" or "^sha1(0,32)$" .... or ...or ..or

Thank you for any reply


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  Hashes.org V2
Posted by: s3in!c - 09-25-2015, 11:35 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

I would like to introduce the new version of Hashes.org. Here some informations for you about this version, what's new and what changed..

  • There is a new storage system running on the Backend allowing much faster requests and found/hash processing.
  • Like already told a multiple times earlier, there is much more flexibility with algorithms which are defined with a string which gets parsed to define the algorithm for a hash (slightly related to MDXfind).
  • The left list is only generated once a day (From 0:00 to ~2:30 UTC+2), there will be a tool released later which makes it possible to get left lists updates much faster with reduced bandwidth and more up-to-date data. Informations about this will follow as soon as this tool will become available.
  • You now cannot upload a bunch of founds from different algorithms anymore. You must upload always one file just containing one algorithm and give this algorithm as string on upload. This is required because we theoretically can have an infinite number of algorithm combinations and we cannot just check all algorithms and see if it machtes.
  • If you have output from MDXfind, please use the converter page (<outdated>) to convert the MDXfind output to Hashes.org format. I know at the moment it's not the best solution, I will add the possibility to just upload all this directly after converting.
  • As we have this much new algorithms I had to reset all 'Bad Hashes' definitions and just put them again to left list. I already filtered a lot of them out but I still need help from you to identify them all either as salted or other bad hash again or as hash which is now normally addable to Hashes.org.
  • If you have any proposals or you found a bug you can post it on the forum where this also can be discussed or I can explain why it's not possible. All features or bugs which are confirmed will be added as issues to the Hashes.org Redmine project here: <outdated>. Please check there also if a bug or feature is already confirmed before posting in the forum.
  • I also ran some scripts to reduce the amount of hashes which gave another hash as plain, all of the hashes as plains which were recoverable I replaced by the right plain and adapted the algorithm for this hash.

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