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  mdxfind less power consuming??
Posted by: tibit - 10-14-2015, 06:03 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (5)

Mdxfind is a great tool.
Love it! And it can work in the background.

But sometimes I wan't to use other powerconsuming programs at the same time.
How could I tell (code) mdxfind to not eat all my cpu power (12 cores)

Thank you for any reply


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  request for mysql3? (if possible)
Posted by: tibit - 10-13-2015, 08:53 AM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

Since mysql3 (16hex) is still a popular algo, could it be added to the solvable algo's?
Thank you,


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  API re-introduced
Posted by: s3in!c - 10-09-2015, 12:37 PM - Forum: General - Replies (12)

I added again the API interface on Hashes.org to do simple hash search requests. You can read here how to use it: https://hashes.org/api_howto.php

It is not the same API as before, some changes in requests structures were made and the output format is always JSON now.

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  Special/Salted Hashes
Posted by: s3in!c - 10-08-2015, 07:17 AM - Forum: Technical - Replies (6)

Please post here any founds of salted hashes, or hashes which are not handable by Hashes.org but are in the left lists. From the convert tool you can post here all the hashes which are described as OTHER.

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  Hashes.org MDXFind online conversion currently fails with two ":" in input
Posted by: snoozer - 10-07-2015, 10:28 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (1)

Not sure if we can upload MD5SALTx04 here, but the MDXFind online conversion (http://hashes.org/convert.php) currently provided can't parse the following input:

MD5SALTx04 66666643000000000000000000000000:-gR:the

Currently running against hex32

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  Looking for In-Depth explanation of MDXFind Parameters
Posted by: snoozer - 10-07-2015, 05:14 PM - Forum: Application Usage / Bugs - Replies (2)

I recently started to use MDXfind and I really find it very useful.
Since the latest hashes v2 website supports the upload from the finding of MDXFind I would to get to know about the parameters of MDXFind.
The help is a good starting point and I will use it to outline where I have personal problems of understanding what the parameters are actually doing.... :roll:

Working on hash types: MD5
./MDXfind/MDXfind: $Header: /home/dlr/src/mdfind/RCS/mdxfind.c,v 1.44 2015/09/21 16:00:04 dlr Exp dlr $
Search for MD5x values from a file
use:  mdxfind [options] [list of text files] < input hash
The text file stdin is special, and may be used if -f is
supplied, to read candidate passwords from stdin
-a    Do email address munging
What is email address munging? Will all hashes be skipped that look like an email address? Is there an     
amplified serach for email hases when turned on?

-b    Expand each word into unicode, best effort
Will this replace all words? Or do we check normal plin first and then an additional check with unicode?

-c    Replace each special char (<>&, etc) with XML equivilents
This one should be clear though

-d    De-duplicate wordlists, best effort
De-Duplicate == What? do we clean wordlists here?

-e    Extended search for truncated hashes
This one should be clear though

-p    Print source (filename) of found plaintexts
This one should be clear though

-q    Internal iteration counts for SHA1MD5x, and others
For what is this option useful? Since the output already contains ${HASH}x${Iterations} ?

-g    Rotate calculated hashes to attempt match to input hash
What happens here? We hash the plain normally, check if it matches any of the passwords and additionally we rotate the hash and do the same (e.g. to check for rotated hashes)

-s    File to read salts from
This one should be clear though

-u    File to read Userid/Usernames from
This one should be clear though

-k    File to read suffixes from
This one should be clear though

-n    Number of digits to append to passwords
What happens here? We hash the plain normally, check if it matches any of the passwords and additionally we append some numbers (e.g. when set to 3: append 0, 1, 3, ... 999 ?

-i    The number of iterations for each hash
This one should be clear though

-t    The number of threads to run
This one should be clear though

-f    file to read hashes from, else stdin
This one should be clear though

-l    Append CR/LF/CRLF and print in hex
This one should be clear though

-r    File to read rules from
This one should be clear though

-h    The hash types:MD5
This one should be clear though

Any help on this is highly appreciated :-)

And thanks for this tool, I really like it, but would like to know what parameter makes sense in which situation.... Big Grin

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  Dumb question: Where is the upload function?
Posted by: hashy - 10-07-2015, 02:47 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (1)

Very dumb question: I cannot find the upload button on v2.
It used to be on the cracker's area.


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Posted by: kershaw - 10-07-2015, 04:22 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)


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  Known founds in leaked lists are missing in founds_all
Posted by: hashy - 10-06-2015, 02:28 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (3)


in leaked list v0d4f0n3, there are 283 found passwords (file 1366_found_sorted.txt).
All of them end in s+(_a*.

If i grep for 's+(_a*' in found_all list, i only get 62 hits.

Where have the missing founds gone to?


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  Is API is working?
Posted by: denis - 10-05-2015, 08:46 PM - Forum: Technical - Replies (5)


Now API returns "OK" on all my requests.
Is it temporary or no more API here?)

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