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Full Version: hash cracking on SBCs
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My favorite thing about mdxfind is it's ability to run on SBCs, it doesn't provide the most power but for hashes like bcrypt or when you have a high value hash you're about to give up on just run it through mdxfind and check on it a month later. The vast majority use less than 10w under full load so they're ideal long term passive cracking attacks without tying up your main workstations. 

I'm going to be trying out a few different brands to see how they compare and thought i'd share some quick benchmarks. 

First up is the le potato by libre computer: 


Quad 64-bit 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A53
$30 USD

kill a watt meter readings while cracking bcrypt
peak = 3.8 watts
avg = 3.6 watts

MD5 - 3059917.40 lines per second

Quote:Done - 4 threads caught
15,299,587 lines processed in 5 seconds
3059917.40 lines per second
4.48 seconds hashing, 15,299,587 total hash calculations

BCRYPT (cost=08) - 81.22 lines per second

Quote:Done - 4 threads caught
1,722,926 lines processed in 21212 seconds
81.22 lines per second
21212.03 seconds hashing, 1,722,926 total hash calculations

BCRYPTMD5 (Edmodo) - 5.13 lines per second

Quote:Done - 4 threads caught
5,411 lines processed in 1055 seconds
5.13 lines per second
1055.16 seconds hashing, 10,822 total hash calculations

PBKDF2-SHA256 - 132.00 lines per second

Quote:Done - 4 threads caught
5,412 lines processed in 41 seconds
132.00 lines per second
41.13 seconds hashing, 5,412 total hash calculations
0.00M hashes per second (approx)

Whirlpool - 789601.00 lines per second

Quote:Done - 4 threads caught
2,368,803 lines processed in 3 seconds
789601.00 lines per second
2.89 seconds hashing, 2,368,803 total hash calculations