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Full Version: Bulk submit API would be more efficient, lead to higher request/min cap maybe
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So currently I've been developing a script to check my found hashes using the API and I noticed that a lot of the packets for a single API query are for establishing a TLS connection:
[Image: gutBXFk.png]

Notice there's only two packets for sending data out of the 41 packets for the entire session for a single query. If we had a bulk submit API where we could send 20/30/40 queries in a single request that would remove most of the overhead of 39 packets/per query for establishing and closing a connection. Instead it would be 39 packets per 20/30/40 queries. This would alleviate some of the load on the API server and maybe the cap could be increased from 20/min to 30 or 40 per minute.

It's just a suggestion. I'd do it myself if I could Wink