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Full Version: I need help with an excercise
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Hello guys,

I have to do an excercise for my university. They told us to use John The Ripper to crack two password. I managed to crack the second (it was easy beacause it was only numbers) but i can't crack the first one. I tried using some rules but no luck. I wanted to find the password alone but i will not be able to crack it until tuesday so i need your help. Thnks a lot!

The password: UOP_USER:$6$LEQXOgtF$6.OJcvZAKWko7eFmyrNn6Wl.s.yZtuli5Io/F6jj9b9/sdsPL/0oW2jalV9W76WbbzDfeAZQQsbfncsmz3gwG0:1000:1001:UOP User,,,:/home/UOP_USER:/bin/bash