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Idea, programming and maintenance by s3in!c
Concept and beta testing by Hash-IT
Hashes.org is a free online hash resolving service incorporating many unparalleled techniques.
It is obvious the old methods of hash reversal are both time consuming and wasteful of resources.
Typically, volunteers spend time and electricity reversing hashes in small individual batches, spread across multiple forums and threads, frequently duplicating each others work.
Hashes.org prefers a different approach. Our method provides a single point of reference for both hashes and their resolutions.
Every resolution is cross referenced with all hash types on all lists, saving many GPU cycles for our volunteers.
Hashes.org attempts to optimise the process by removing what we consider to be irrelevant hashes.
We go further, all our hash lists are cleaned of incomplete hashes, duplicates are removed and the remainder are sorted into equal lengths.
All our volunteers work on the entire hash list at once, nothing is omitted and resolved hashes are promptly removed from the system, providing negligible duplication of work.
Our volunteers also have the benefit of access to tools hosted on our site to assist them in optimising their efforts.
Hashes.org cost a considerable amount of time and money to set up. There is also a continuous expense in electricity, server, hosting and GPU hardware which all has to be maintained. If you find our site useful please consider donating to help cover our expenses.
Hashes.org would like to thank the following people:
- Atom for Hashcat
- Blandy for hashkiller.co.uk
- Blazer for ULM