Shared Community Password Recovery
Important (Affects users which registered before 21st of March 2017 12:00 CET):
We were facing some problems due to an upgrade to PHP 7.0. This resulted that we cannot validate passwords with the used cryptographic hash function anymore. Because of this you need to reset your password once to get access to your account again. After the reset you should be able to normally log in and then change the password again to whatever you like.
If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us at s3inlc(at)hashes(dot)org.


What Hashes.org provides

Hashes.org attempts to reveal the plain text of your submitted hash. This is done in an effort to assist security professionals to evaluate the security provided by the relevant hash submitted.

Hashes.org is not a hacking site and assumes all submitted hashes are for testing purposes only and are obtained in a legal way.

Hashes.org is also happy to help computer users recover their own forgotten passwords, however this does not extend to recovery of passwords belonging to a third party.

Please ensure all submitted hashes are legally obtained and you have permission to recover the plain text before uploading them to Hashes.org.

If you object to a particular hash listed in the Hashes.org database please contact us explaining why.

If you decide to create a user account at Hashes.org your searches will be saved and you can view if they become cracked. You will also be able to upload hash lists and you can view their progress finding the plain texts and also load them.

If you are interested in participating in recovering hashes you can download the left list of our database and try to get some of them and upload it to our database.